S T O R E started as an artist-run, non-profit, project space in Dresden, Germany, with a focus on young contemporary art and boundary pushing projects across disciplines. It was founded in January 2010 by artist Paul Barsch and curator Konstanze Schütze and put a diversity of local and international artist and art projects on display each month. Exhibitions, performances, screenings, artist interventions and collaborative exhibition projects made S T O R E a local outreach to contemporary tendencies in a larger discourse. Early 2017 S T O R E had to moved out from its physical location, the small, uniquely shaped room in the cultural center of Dresden–Neustadt. It continued as a nomadic project until summer 2017.


Konstanze Schütze – Founder and Director
Paul Barsch – Founder and Director
Danilo Barsch – Photographer
Christin Zorn, Alexander Gehrke, Christina Lindner

Photo Credits:
All photos © by Danilo Barsch
(except: ‘der mit der’ by Thomas Judisch, ‘Performance Emily Promise Allison’ by Raiko Sanchez, ‘Considerables. To my unlimited mind’, ‘No Need to Hunt’, ‘Magenta Dream™’, ‘Hot New World Viewz’, ‘Herpes_205’, ‘DESTRUKTION’, ‘Frozen Core` by Paul Barsch)


Former Dresden Location (2010-2017):
Pulsnitzerstr. 14, 01099 Dresden, Germany

S T O R E was kindly supported by (2010-2016):