The Good Fight -


The Good Fight:
When is it time to take a stand? Tell us about high school championships, rivalries, resignation and political protest in the information age.








The Fuller Terrace Lecture Series is a nontraditional venue for lectures in Halifax, Canada, that brings people together from various backgrounds and lifestyles, in order to establish connections and generate ideas. It also functions as an online archive and experimental platform for video lectures.

How does it work? one topic / one location / a date / an open call / four invited experts / two hours / video documentation / drinks / online platform / _ / next!

Usually Fuller Terrace Lectures Series sends out an open call with a catchy sentence or proverb that they want to explore. The speakers are brought together and present their perspectives and interpretations of the assigned topic to an audience; a web programmer, blogger or social theorist for example who would have the opportunity to experiment with a new lecture format. Applicants and those with personal invitations are asked to submit a synopsis of their proposed lecture. Once an application has been accepted, the process of the lecture is discussed, as well as ideas of storytelling and communication between STORE contemporary and the FTLS. All speakers are unannounced and all lectures are documented and highlighted in the form of a video lecture on the digital platform: