leaking memories -



…the artist creates living images, which he puts into a pictorial aspect. based on an idea or a concept a performance will be developed, in an incisive moment the ontic tangible reality solidifies. in the moment of the presentation, johannes constitutes an image that focuses everyday life or social conflict situations. thereby accrues an acted image, which points beyond the bare experience of sense, because with each action deimling alienates something from us that is well known. he uses well-known objects in a changed way, twists courses of action right around or remains in a pose, which appear at first sight strange, on the second a deeper meaning is seen. here the creative act is the centre of attention. in the ultimately accruing image the precisely planned consistency of the first singular appearing gestures shows up.> he conceptualizes an image of our society, which shows it full of contradictions, sentimentally, stupidly and badly, but also affectionately, creatively and cooperatively. he observes the world from his characterized point of view. a temporary image remains in the memory of the viewer. particularly these images of bbb johannes deimling, show a nearly sliding transition between what is ordinary and what is art.
(text by dr. eduard fried, 2008.)








BBB Johannes Deimling (*1969) lives in Norway. www.bbbjohannesdeimling.de