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09.01.2015 - 11.01.2015

S T O R E and DIAF – German Institute for Animated Film present It’s All Chinese* To Me an exhibition with animated films. @ Künstlermesse Dresden


It’s All Chinese to Me, or friendly inquiries on cultural misunderstanding and (re)constructing the other, is a film program curated by André Eckhardt (DIAF – German Institute for Animated Film) and Konstanze Schütze (S T O R E contemporary) that sets out to discover multitudes of misunderstandings and oversimplifications when engaging with the other. The proverb “It’s all [Chinese*] to me!” is understood as a placeholder for the missing experience with the other (manyfold as it could be) or (not yet) reliable reference systems in clumsy first encounters. It’s All Chinese* To me is a rather subjective filmic exploration of friendly, misunderstandings between worlds. The films and film makers gathered in this program, all very differently working out their techniques and backgrounds, repeatedly clash and overlap while each separately investigate cross-references and attempts of translation between individuals and cultures.

*”Chinese” is deliberately used as the unjust catch-all term referring to everything “Asian” as “Chinese”. It is used here to comment on the discriminating power of language and cultural imagery, and attempts to hint at undercomplex approaches as a result of oversimplification and and missing concepts for exchange.