Exercising Fear or Scary Piece .excerpt. Part II -

16.09.2014 - 16.09.2014


“In a world where the daylight hides from the night, darkness cloaks all that is sacred and disguises all that was once familiar. You can feel the heat of the body next to yours and you can smell the sweat of fear rising inside of you. All you hear is a collected breath, nervous and unsure, until … the phone rings. What or who could be on the other side? There is no escaping the world once you’ve entered it, you might as well see who’s calling.”

Inspired by methods and devices highly representational of horror films from the 20th Century, Exercising Fear or Scary Piece is a full length theatrical performance currently in development by way of research and presentational excerpting. With each .excerpt. Frances Chiaverini & Katia Cheraneva get a glimpse into the ongoing embodied study which addresses the political, social, environmental, and aesthetic horror of the human life.






Frances Chiaverini, Katia Cheraneva are known as collaborators of S T O R E with BEST OF AMERICA LOVES.
Drum performance by Wolfram Eggebrecht, Prop by Kai Hügel.