Artist: Doug Kim

Snowball Fight on Mainstreet - ,

19.07.2012 - 06.09.2012

How The fuck Did I End Up Here #2

“On a night when holiday parties were in full swing, Saturday night’s snowstorm kept many inside. Yet that night, something unusual, or maybe totally expected, happened: Snowball fights broke out across cities swirling inside life-size snow globes.”


Photographers Doug Kim and Dan Nguyen (both USA) show pictures of that legendary timesquare snowball fight in NCY 2009. Both couldnĀ“t anticipate the recent images of global turmoil, flashmobs and a worldwide active occupy movement. Just before social media amplified mass events and political actions became usual images of our media culture, this spontaneous riotous assembly led to photographic notes with unrivalled symbolic effect. – the perfect summer exhibition